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Established in 1989, we are committed to provide prompt & reliable aircon service for leading brands of air-conditioners islandwide at an affordable price. Our company is specialised in aircon repair , maintenance and professional aircon cleaning services . We are technicians not salesmen, therefore we do not go the easy way out, asking our customers to replace their air-conditioners unless it is a last resort . We will do our best to fix the problem to the best of our ability .

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Steam Cleaning (Eco-Clean)

***Highly Recommended And Most Popular

  • $120 for 1st unit ( 9000- 12000btu), 2nd units onwards $100 each

Recommended for air-conditioners that operate about 5-6 months on a daily basis . Look out for massive drop in air flow and cooling efficiency despite cleaning of air filters regularly . Our high pressure steam cleaning are capable of removing 99% of molds & bacteria out of the copper coil therefore effectively disinfect your fan coil unit .We are able to flush clean the dirty blower scroll as well as the cooling coil to maintain adequate air flow .

It is non toxic as no chemical is being use , this is something that cannot be achieved with the normal servicing . Strongly recommended for air-con brands such as Daikin & Fujitsui which blower wheel cannot be taken out for washing .

Images of our work. Keeping the place clean while we cleaned the aircon.


Chemical Wash / Steam Cleaning Combo

*** Eliminate molds And Bacteria

  • 1 unit $160 ( 9000-12000btu ) , 2 units onwards $150 each 

Our chemical wash plus steam cleaning combo give you best of both world effectively eliminate molds & bacteria and at the same time making sure no trace of chemical is left behind to cause any discomfort to the occupants .A badly clogged cooling coil not only causes discomfort, it also shortens the life span of the fan coil motor and compressor . Most modern day airconditioners are inverter types which uses Dc motor and is more costly to replace as compared to the traditional one . Air-con piping insulation breakdown causes condensation along trunking because of the poor air flow , the only way to rectify this is to replace the entire length of insulations .

Moulds and bacteria are extremely harmful to our living enviroment especially for infants and toddlers. Our cleaning procedure can effectively remove moulds and bacteria from the fan coil unit, so that the next time you turn on your aircon, you know that you and your family are inhaling clean air . Strongly recommended for airconditioners that run daily for a period of 9 – 12 months .


Troubleshooting & Repair

  • $50 include labour & transport

We provide repair and troubleshooting for the major brands of air-conditioners in the market and we are equipped with modern diagnostic tools which allow us to restore your aircon back to running in the shortest possible time . Your comfort is our number one priority.

Testing Tools We Used!


General Servicing

  • 1 unit $50 including transport , 2 units $80 3 units $100 , 4 units $130

If your aircon is only turned on occasionally, we would encourage you to wash the air filter at least once a month .However for those are busy and less hands on , we are more than happy to help you at an affordable price . But it is our responsibility as a service provider to highlight to home owners that there is a limitation what general servicing can offer due to the design of our new generation air-conditioners .

We would strongly recommend to have it ‘ Steam Clean ‘ at least once a year , because normal servicing basically is a “dry mode” cleaning process . Dirts tends to accumulate overtime even if it is rarely used. When this happens, you might have to pay for chemical wash which is much more costly ! So why not keep it under mantainence with our Steam Cleaning .

Special offers for a limited period only !

Chemical Wash at least 1 unit and pay ONLY $80 each unit (min 2 units) for Steam Cleaning 
(usual price $100 per unit )

Special Rate for gas refill during any aircon service
R22 gas $60
R410A $80
* only for Hdb & Condo 

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About Us & Why We are
The Best Men For the Job

Mr David Yeo is the pioneer of Potential Aircon Serivces, setting it up and managing it. Being a small company we have always strived to keep up with our fellow competitors . Servicing & cleaning of modern day airconditioners has alway been a challenging task. Unfortunately, there is no standard code or procedure of chemical wash / chemical cleaning adopted by the local industry.

​Using just a brush and vaccum to clear a clogged fan scroll or cooling coil just could’nt work, and infact releases the moulds into your room. 90% of the moulds will stay in the room unnoticed by our naked eye . A clogged fan scroll will cause the motor to wear out unevenly and eventully cause a breakdown.

Over the years, our company has been exploring more and more innovative ways of cleaning dirty fan coils without dismantling done. The old school way of stripping down and cleaning is no longer practical and cost effective , satisfaction from our customers has proven same results can be achieved with the correct tools and knowledge . Using our special design wash bag and water jet technology we are able to eliminate moulds and bacteria from the aircon system.

Affordable . Practical . Responsible Always

Our Work


We are pleased with the services offered by potential aircon services, the technician turns up punctually and they lay plastic sheets to protect my furniture before chemical cleaning is carried out . Upon completion, they took the temperature & airflow reading to show it to me . I was very much impressed and strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable aircon service company .

John Peter Foo

Bayshore Park

Two weeks ago , my samsung inverter aircon broke down after I attempted a DIY service , the technician by the name of David Yeo came down to check and found a loose connection between the receiver & Pcb . He not only restored the aircon system very quickly, he even went an extra mile to check all other connection on the other 2 fan coil units.


Kaki Bukit

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